Monday’s After Thoughts: 14 May 2018

Good Afternoon.
So yesterday’s sermon was about being a witness, and I pointed out this: “ God is not asking you to be what you are not, but to be more fully who He has created you to be. ” It is important to me that everyone understands this, as it is key to the functioning of the Body of Christ. I mentioned that when the word “witnessing” is used, it feels like God is asking everyone to go out and “witness” (be an evangelist in the most literal sense).
This is not true.
Not everyone is called and/or gifted to be a speaker/preacher/teacher for God. We are called to a life lived as God has fashioned us (see 1 Corinthians 12 ff). Simply put, He has gifted us differently and only desires that we live within that giftedness (and become a part of the body of Christ). When you find yourself struggling because you feel as if you aren’t sharing your faith like “you’re supposed to,” you should check and see what expectations you have placed upon yourself.
Are you seeing your giftedness clearly?
Are your expectations of yourself God’s expectations of you?
Have you thought about what God is calling you to?
Have you ever asked others what they think God is calling you to or how He has gifted you?
We should never feel guilty about what we are not.
We should, however, give a bit of thought to what He has called and gifted us to do.
Because when we are operating in our giftedness, we find our joy most profoundly (think John’s phrase from the readings in 1 John, “that our joy might be made complete.”). Once you have a good idea of what God is asking of you, then you can pursue developing that gift and explore your call.
You should know this:
God has called us,
every one of us,
to live out our faith in the way He has created us.
Will you think about how you might participate as God has gifted you here at Holy Trinity Church?