Monday’s After Thoughts: 9 July 2018

Happy Monday to you all.
I wanted to follow up today with both the conversation about stewardship and about authority (which was the theme of the readings from yesterday).
The core of what I shared yesterday was that we ALL have been given authority from God and are encouraged to use this authority in the outworking of our faith.
Some specific points from yesterday were:
  •  Authority is something that is given and never taken (think of the 2 Samuel reading about David and the “buy-in” of the children of Israel).
  • Authority requires a “buy-in” from others to be effective (look to the Gospel reading from Mark 6 and the ineffectiveness of Jesus’ authority due to the lack of faith).
  • Authority is not something to be held over anyone else (see the 2 Corinthians reading about Paul).
The use of our authority is a stewardship issue.
For me, God has gifted me with the ability to counsel, teach and encourage.
He has given me a place in this community because of my longevity here.
He has given me a life experience.
He has blessed me with finances to care for those around me.
And I am expected to be a steward of all of this.
In my role as the priest here at Holy Trinity, I routinely use my talents in the daily doings of my role here. I teach regularly, I spend time counseling others and I am big on encouraging those around me in the things which are worthy endeavors.
I regularly look to use my influence in this community for God’s glory and mission to love others.
I manage my resources in a way that reflects my faith practice. I spend my resources caring for myself, my children, my community and my church (I am a pledging member of Holy Trinity just in case you were wondering if priests pledge).
I am not sure that many people think of the things that we possess as being something that they have authority over, but it is true. What you do with the things you are in charge of is under your authority (and it is probably because we couch the language in more generic terms). Think of your authority as your responsibility.
In Luke chapter 12, Jesus talks about our responsibility with what we have (and gives warnings against hoarding what we have versus being generous to others). He ends the conversation with the idea that as you are given, so are you expected to give.
No matter how much I possess (think beyond money here please), I am expected to be generous with all I possess.
To myself.
To my family.
To my church.
To my community.
What has God given you authority over and how do you use it?
In what ways is God calling you to exercise faith in being more giving of what you possess?
How can you commit to using the resources that you have for the benefit of Holy Trinity?