Parish Goals


Objective and Goals of Holy Trinity Church

The overall objective and Parish Goals of the Parish of the Holy Trinity, Nevada City, is the expansion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as the growth and nurture of our members as a strong community of faith.

Christian Worship and Ministry

As a center for Christian worship and ministry, encouraging the realization and celebration of the sacred in every aspect of life, so that each member of the Church has opportunities to respond to the upward call of God in Christ.

  • Excellence in worship in its various forms
  • Mutual ministries of care and support
  • The provision of spiritual direction and guidance
  • The promotion of learning and the joy of inquiry
  • Through ecumenical and interfaith dialog and projects

Historic and Cultural Institution

As an important historic and cultural institution, by making Holy Trinity Church and its facilities host to the wider community through artistic presentations and other related activities.

Caring Service in the Parish and the Community

As a catalyst to improve the lives of others, providing caring service in the parish and the community.

  • Establishing effective programs and methods of outreach
  • Training others to help
  • Educating and inspiring young people
  • Acting in cooperation with other churches and institutions
  • Fostering good stewardship of time, talent, and treasure on the part of all members of the parish

Implementation of Parish goals

By providing resources in personnel, equipment, and supplies for the implementation of parish goals as the Parish of the Holy Trinity strives to be faithful to Christ’s command to love God and neighbor, there is the understanding that our Parish serves several constituencies: first, the congregation; second, the county which we serve; and third, the wider community, including our Diocese, beyond the borders of our parochial jurisdiction.