Ben Mills, Youth Pastor

Ben’s philosophy of Youth Ministry:

I believe that the goal of youth ministry is four-fold.

  1. To love them like there is no tomorrow and remind them, with every interaction, that Jesus loves them. In five years I doubt my students will remember even one of my lessons, but I hope they always remember that I loved them like Jesus.
  2. To pray for them often. A youth pastor is called to shepherd a flock through some difficult and foundational years, they could use all the prayers they can get.
  3. To teach them how to pray and study the Bible. These are the years when their faith and relationship with Jesus must become their own, not simply something they were born into and we, as youth pastors and parents, must teach them the skills to do that.
  4. And lastly, to help them see that they are a child of God, not of this world, but belonging to another Kingdom. If they can root their identity in this fact, they will have built their house on the Rock and will weather every storm that Satan intends to throw their way, long after they have graduated from this flock. All to the glory of God.
Ben & Kacie with their kids

Ben & Kacie with their kids

About Ben

Ben Mills, Youth Pastor, is married to Kacie (Fredrickson). They have two children: Elijah and Caleb. Ben graduated Nevada Union High School, Grass Valley, CA in 2000.


Bachelor of Arts, Point Loma University, 2005.


He is currently a teacher at Lyman Gilmore Middle School, Grass Valley, California, Physical Education.

He has been Youth Pastor at Trinity Church since 2005.

Co-Director, Nevada County Campus Life