Chili Challenge Cook-off


Holy Trinity parish is home to the world’s most creative chili contest. Anyone within the western United States is eligible to compete. This is NOT one of those painful Hottest Chili battles–ours is a contest designed for everyone’s enjoyment. There is only one simple rule for the CHURCH CHILI CHALLENGE competition. All entrants must follow that one strictly enforced rule:

The entry’s name must contain the word “chili”.

That’s it. We’ve had entries of hummus, stuffed endive, cookies, and (especially) chili. Voting for the winner is done under the strictest supervision of ballot-counters. Oddly, none of them have chosen to return home and they now reside in Nome, Alaska, selling refrigerators. Winners are determined in the oldest tradition of politics and elections, by the most money. In this case, it is money donated by chili samplers in the contestant’s bucket. Winning can be bought, but all in the spirit of fun and for a good cause.

Our competitors battle for a one-year possession of the fabled CHURCH CHILI CHALLENGE Flame of Excellence perpetual trophy. When it was originally purchased, the seller assured church authorities that it was, in fact, solid gold. Independent experts have determined that it is definitely of the highest quality faux-gold plating, so you can just imagine how impressive that trophy would look gleaming from your home trophy shelf. The Challenge is to win it again the next year.

Money from the event has gone to keep the church landscaping in good repair. Be sure to participate. You will have fun. We have regularly enjoyed excellent weather, silliness, great crowds, and delicious food.

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Our Challenge Chili Cook-off was a real success, and not just financially. Everyone had fun and we had 12 chefs, including two priests and a deacon! A blessed event,if there ever was one. First-timer Sheila Atherstone won, but in the American tradition, the election can be bought. – Rawhide Ron