Sunday School


Sunday School meets during the 10:30 service.

At Trinity, we have a faithful group of school-aged children, ranging from 6 to 12 years, who come to our Sunday School Program each week.

Goals and Christian Experience

Our goals are twofold—to extend the sense of belonging felt by the congregation in the chapel to the children in the classroom: all are welcome; all are valuable participating members of our church community. Though we follow a lectionary-based curriculum, we encourage our teachers to creatively relate their own Christian experience to the children through lively discussion, arts and crafts activities and singing and ritual tailored to the children’s experience level. Our second task is to familiarize the children with the Word of the Lord. The children are our lectors each week, and, before we experience the lesson, we hear it in the words of the Bible.

Nursery and Childcare

In our nursery room, a beautiful environment has been created for the preschoolers, based on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a very deep program based on the religious work of Maria Montessori. In the nursery room, aside from games, and age-appropriate fun activities, there are beautiful handmade models of scenes from the Bible. The children can place the angel in the annunciation scene, or complete a puzzle of the Holy Land, or set the table and the disciples around it, for the Last Supper.

Whether a child is a visitor or a weekly participants, our goal is to draw her or him in, with love and warmth, as the teachers share their faith in a variety of ways.